Shea Homes® Charlotte has a 3,900 sq. ft. design studio where homebuyers meet with a professional design studio consultant to choose the design selections in their home.  The consultants are there as guides through this exciting and important process.  To help make this experience as enjoyable and as seamless as possible, there are a few things homebuyers should know before their appointment.

Spend Time Researching Home Selections
A lot of detail goes into designing a home, which can be a stark realization when the design appointment begins. 
When a homebuyer comes in without having done any research into what we offer, we spend a lot of time educating and showing images instead of designing their home,” says a Shea Homes Charlotte design consultant. 

There are many ways to research what our design studio offers.  The Shea Homes Charlotte Design Studio website showcases design selections from flooring to lighting  to exteriors.  We also offer Design Studio Preview Tours on select Wednesdays where you can tour the studio, browse selections, and learn more about the process.  Visiting showhomes or model homes in Shea Homes neighborhoods before the appointment can be extremely helpful.  You can even keep the address of the home you like for our reference. 

Discuss Design Preferences with Your Partner Beforehand
Watch one episode of a homebuying show on HGTV, and you will notice that often couples have differing design preferences.  One likes traditional, while the other prefers mid-century modern.  For one, the kitchen is the most important part of the home, and for the other, it’s having upgraded flooring.  This scenario happens often in the Design Studio as well.  Consider talking through your preferences and where each person will compromise before your appointment.  This will make the process more fun and efficient. 
Recognize the Importance of Designing Your Dream Home
Whether it’s your first home, five-year home, or forever home, we believe you are building and designing your dream home.  We want to make it special, and buyers help us do that by recognizing the importance of the entire process – especially the design process. 
Remember: Design Consultants are Here for You
Design Consultants have one main function: to help you design a home you love.  They are not here to upsell or sell a specific product in any way.  Their end-goal is to ensure you are happy with the design and selections in your home.
Flexibility is Appreciated
Design Center appointments take time.  That often means it requires homebuyers to make time: off work, around vacations and childcare, and sometimes around convenience.  Remember that design is a significant piece of your final home and the time you put into it will show!

Take Notes and Read the Paperwork
After you’ve chosen your selections, the design consultant will put them together on paper for you to sign off on.  Compare your notes with the design contract to make sure your wishes are correctly captured.  We understand home buying requires a lot of paperwork and detail, but it’s all important. 
The Shea Homes Charlotte Design Consultants are proud to help you design your new Shea home.  For questions or more information, please visit the Shea Homes Charlotte Design Studio website.  We look forward to working with you!


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