A New Year’s resolution is a heavy commitment. Changing a specific behavior for a whole year? Talk about tough! Plus, if you stumble in your resolve early on, it can be very tempting to walk away from the resolution entirely. Here at Shea Homes Colorado, we’re proposing a new take on a classic tradition — seasonal resolutions! By making and sticking to a specific resolution for just a season, you’ll relieve much of the stress of keeping it while also discovering new things that you love about yourself and your community.

New Years Resolution Ski Slops
Learn to ski before winter ends

Resolution #1 - Learn to ski before winter ends.
Learn how to properly shred the gnar before the season ends. You’ll find no experience more Colorado than cutting your way down a freshly powdered mountain, all without falling over. Already know how to ski? Mix it up by taking up backcountry skiing, freeskiing, or good old fashioned snowboarding.

Resolution #2 - Skip spring cleaning.
Avoid the stress of a huge spring cleaning household overhaul by adopting easy cleaning habits that will save you time and energy. By making a change in your daily life, you’ll free your family up for more springtime fun. This means more trips to the pool, more hikes in the sun, and more memories to create with your loved ones.

Resolution #3 - Take a stress-free summer road trip.
Packing your family and your most needed belongings into a small space and driving across our beautiful nation sounds equal parts awesome and stressful! You can take the anxiety out of the trip by training ahead for the long haul. Simple things like making a plan to stop endless “Are we there yet?” questions — or shifting your driving schedule to the evening to help keep the tots asleep — can make all the difference.

New Years Resolution Road Trip
Take a stress-free summer road trip

Resolution #4 - Change is in the air in autumn.
As the leaves turn from green to yellow to red, you’ll likely hear whispering in your heart. That’s because autumn isn’t just a time for changing of leaves, it's a time to embrace big changes in your own life as well. Investing in a home from Shea Homes will help you add a sense of community — not to mention equity — to your life. Peruse our available models and fall in love with your future home sweet home.
2020 is sure to be a year of prosperity and growth for us all, as long as we have the strength to stick to our goals. What New Year's resolutions are you adopting? Let us know in the comments!

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