Do you love exploring design trend predictions every new year? When 2019 began, you might have read multiple lists of trends to try out — but by July, most of us have forgotten what was supposed to be hot (or not).
If you’re curious to see how 2019’s predictions are holding up halfway through the year, keep reading.
Classic, timeless styles don’t fall out of fashion in a year or two, and though this year’s trends include a few classics-in-the-making, at least one likely won’t be around by next year.
Trend #1 - Open Kitchen Shelving

Stepping Stone Stonewalk Evergold Kitchen

Evergold from Stonewalk Collection at Stepping Stone
Open shelving is what trendy Pinterest dreams are made of. Showing off your plants, artisanal bowls, and carefully-matched cups is wonderful in concept, but in execution? Although they’re lovely, they’re not very functional. Open shelving means that everything you put in your cabinets is seen by the world. If you have mismatched dishes, chipped mugs, or stained pans — or you don’t have the time to dust three times a week — you might want to steer clear of this trend. You may find a happy medium by accenting kitchen cabinets with glass panels —styling one cabinet is much easier than styling every shelf, and the glass still highlights and displays your most stunning pieces.
Trend #2 - Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

Colliers Hill Plan 401 Kitchen

Plan 401 from Shea3D at Colliers Hill

This is one trend that we never want to stop. Colorful kitchen cabinets are such a fast, simple way to completely change the look of your kitchen. Gone are the days of choosing between wood and white –– now greens, grays, and even blues are popping up in our kitchens! Adding color to your cabinets brings personality into your home without sacrificing elegance. The best part? When you’re ready to change the color, it’s a piece of cake!
Trend #3 - Decorate with Multiple Wood Shades

Stepping Stone Stonewalk Dahlia Kitchen

Dahlia from the Stonewalk Collection at Stepping Stone

Mixing wood tones and shades is one of Shea Homes Colorado’s favorite ways to warm and bring personality to our homes. Wood creates a feeling of warmth and adds interest to neutral color schemes, which allows for pops of accent colors that won’t overpower the entire room. You’ll find so many ways to try out this trend, but we love layering multiple tones of wood to create contrast and interest — like selecting a darker cabinet option with light hardwood floors. Try adding these accents into rooms with darker walls or furniture, where the wood can bring personality and life back to the space.
Trend #4 - Accent Walls with Wallpaper

BackCountry Painted Sky Daybreak Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom

Daybreak from the Painted Sky Collection at BackCountry

When you tour a Shea Homes model, you’re bound to see at least one accent wall with wallpaper. This is a design tip that we go back to again and again –– even before it was *the* trend of 2019! Adding wallpaper is a simple and inexpensive update, and modern designs are a far cry from the floral wallpaper in your grandmother’s bathroom. We especially love accenting only one wall with wallpaper so that the design can be bold without overpowering the room. Geometric, abstract, and bright, large-scale florals are some of our favorite designs at the moment. If you’re nervous to try out wallpaper, we recommend using it on the wall behind your bed. The design will add visual interest to your room, but your headboard and nightstands can balance the degree of the effect.
Will these four design trends stay relevant until 2020? One thing we know is that interior design can be fun and exciting when you’re open to playing with style — and trying out new trends is an easy way to experiment. We balance this versatility with a commitment to creating elegant looks that will stand the test of time.
We want to see what you come up with! Don’t forget to share your photos on Instagram or Facebook and tag us at @SheaHomesCO with the hashtag #SheaHomesCO.

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