It’s officially Spring, which means it time to get down to some cleaning. If you missed our guide to the garage clean out, you can pick it up here. Today we’re moving inside to the office, which has become one of the most used rooms for many people in the past year. With all the Zoom-generated meetings these days, we know from experience that office presentation is more important than ever. Boost your productivity and maybe even your happiness by following these simple steps to keeping your office tidy and ready for the new season.

Keep Desk Accessories Organized – Let’s start with the basics. You want your desk to be organized because that is where you’ll actually be sitting (or standing) for most of your work day. Use some sort of cup to keep all your loose pens wrangled up, have a stand to put your phone on when you aren’t using it, and add some basic drawers for things that don’t need to be immediately in reach. If you tend to use a lot of folders and notepads, use a magazine holder to organize those items.

Don’t be afraid of shelving – Even outside of being a perfect spot to build your bookshelf zoom background, shelving can be a useful addition for your office. It’s a great spot to put items that give the office a homier feel, which is good since you’re, well, home. Placing a few baskets on bottom with your messier work items (extra wires, mouses, etc.) cleans up the room as well. Speaking of bookshelves, if you have lots of books, try color-coding them for maximum aesthetic.

Create a printing station While you don’t have to go quite as crazy as one of your local printing stores, having a designated area for all of your printing supplies can reduce the mess that comes with extra paper and ink laying around. Choose a table that has a few drawers or cabinets that you can put your printer and gear in. Almost all printers are wireless now, which means storing them away from your main desk is simple.

Utilize Wall Space Between the garage and your office, we are big fans of maximizing your wall space. Use the wall in front of where your computer will be to hang any calendars you use, and to tack on the papers/notes that you use as reminders. Keeping documents you read often right in front of you means you aren’t constantly digging for them or trying to find them on your desk. Don’t forget to stick a motivational note there too, for when the day is getting long.

Curb Cable Chaos – With multiple monitors and chargers strewn everywhere, cables can quicky become a nightmare, and make the cleanest desks look unorganized. One of the best things you can do is to try and go as wireless as possible, but that is often not possible with some of your bigger desk items. Use cable ties and clamps to bring the wires together, so you can better keep them out of your way. Make sure you are using a surge-protected power bar as well, so you don’t ruin any of your expensive equipment. 

Clean Up Your Desktop – We’d be remiss if we forgot about your digital workspace, which deserves to be organized as well. Go in and clean up your computer desktop, removing any old files that you may have stored there. External hard drives are getting bigger and cheaper by the day, and they are valuable for holding all the files that you won’t use daily. You can even keep the external plugged in if you want to have all your info directly accessible, but it will keep your desktop clear. It’s also good to be backing up your files in case anything was to happen to your computer.

What are some ways you’ve cleaned up or organized your home office space for maximum efficiency?

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