It’s a brand-new year, and for many of us, a great time to set goals, kick bad habits, try new things, and make the commitment to be the best version of ourselves! If you’re trying to start the year off on the right foot but haven’t quite gotten around to writing resolutions just yet, that’s OK. This entire month offers the opportunity to reflect on what is important to you—and what you want to focus on for the remainder of the year.

Ready for the new you? Here are five ways to work on yourself this year:

  1. Reflect on (and address) what stresses you. What causes you to worry most? If you’re concerned about your health, for example, perhaps setting a goal to do something active 30 minutes a day is a good place to start. Don’t avoid trying to fix a problem because it feels too vast. Focus on one thing at a time—and take one step at a time.
  2. Do more things that bring you joy. Don’t underrate your happiness when it comes to personal improvement! Find ways to incorporate more fulfilling activities into your daily life. If you’re struggling to pinpoint what makes you feel your best, keep a small journal in your pocket or purse and jot down anything that makes you smile or feel joyful. Then, make plans to do more of those types of things on a regular basis.
  3. Cherish the moment. With so much on our daily agendas, it’s easy to move into “autopilot mode” without even realizing it. Are you taking time to enjoy the little things? Savor that morning coffee. Taste every bite of that great meal. Soak up the sunshine on a nice day. Lose yourself in a friend’s story. When you remember that life is really just a collection of memories, you’ll find yourself appreciating the small moments as much as the big ones.
  4. Invest in people, not just things. It’s the memories we create with others that truly bring us the most enjoyment. This year, resolve to be a better friend, celebrate with loved ones more often, and surround yourself with good people. If you want to expand your circle, try volunteering or joining a club. Better yet, come join the Trilogy community, where the opportunities to connect with others and experience new adventures together are endless!
  5. Find something you enjoy. If you’ve been searching for something to nurture your creativity or feed your soul, why not seek out a new hobby or activity? Whether you decide to take up a new sport like pickle ball or tennis or take a painting or wine tasting class, the idea is to do something fun or inspiring. It’s excellent for the mind and the spirit to get excited about a new endeavor, after all!

If you like the idea of setting New Year’s resolutions, but often feel overwhelmed by the process, this approach might be for you. A perfect way to begin is by writing down a few thoughts on who you want to become and things you’d like to change. When it comes down to it, most of us simply want to be happy. Make 2018 your best, most fantastic year yet!

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